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Our Modern Fleet Are Fully Insured For Private Hire And Regularly Maintain And Sanitised After Every Ride.

Business Class & First Class

We have a fleet of over 25 Executive Business Class, First Class, MPVs ready for your bookings.
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Close Protection Chauffeur Is Ready With Business Class & First Class & MPV For Your Booking.

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Close Protection

One Executive Chauffeurs also offers close protection services. Famous Celebrity and VIP clients require enhanced security over and above those offered by evasive driving skills. You or your clients may require physical protection as well. This is a service that we can provide in addition to a chauffeur. They have the defensive skills required to ensure minimal conflict or unwanted attention but they have the legal knowledge to understand legal physical limitations. However, they will always attempt to resolve any issue without physical intervention.  They possess disengaging strategies, crowd management techniques, public perception management and the ability to employ physical intervention when required as a last resort. Our close protection and door supervisor officers are provided as an additional service to the chauffeur so that they can concentrate on your safety and protection.

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